Exercise for diabetes dramatically lowers the health risks for congestive heart failure, the number-one killer of people with Type 2 diabetes. Sometimes it was necessary to make small steps. Although there is nothing bad with having an ambitious goal, the execution is a possibility daunting if it requires significant changes in your life. One must know how to walk before he can run. Just like a toddler begin with slithering before gait, you need to make small steps when obliging a modification to your lifestyle.

2Getting started with your exercise for Diabetes

For Type 2 diabetics who are just getting started, it is beneficial to establish a two-month exert strategy. Consider the first month a transition phase, from physically inactive to physically active…

  • two days a week for the first two weeks is fine,
  • you can increase the volume to three days a week for the last two weeks of the month.

Gradually increasing your volume of physical activity is an excellent way to establish the habit while avoiding physical and mental burnout.


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