So diabetes has to do with blood sugar basically. Why the focus on Diabetic Foot care? Diabetes damages the nerve and blood vessels and this can become a problem with feet. The lack of adequate blood flow causes a loss of feeling in the feet or hands making them numb and painful, or worse still, results in an infection with sores or injuries that those with diabetes cannot even feel. This can lead to serious infections that are difficult to treat and may turn into deep infections. Sometimes, amputation may be the only solution.

Scary, right?

The good news is – following the right diet and exercise along with your medication can relieve the symptoms. It is not tough to look after your feet when you know how. Begin by checking your feet every day for swelling, pain, nicks and cuts, any ingrown toenails or sores that have appeared recently. Keeping your blood sugar under control alone can help guard your feet.

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2Diabetic Foot Care – Don’t go around barefoot

Even indoors wear shoes. It’s easy to tread on something or stub your toes and cut yourself. Protect your feet with socks/stockings and shoes/slippers.


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